Colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening in Greece


What is screening colonoscopy?

Colorectal cancer is a significant public health concern globally, ranking as the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. However, the majority of colorectal cancers are preventable through early detection and removal of precancerous polyps.

Screening colonoscopy is a preventive endoscopic method to detect growths (polyps) at an early stage in individuals without symptoms and without a family history of colorectal cancer, who are over 45 years of age. If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, a family history of colorectal cancer, certain genetic conditions, or other risk factors, you may need to start screening at an earlier age. The frequency of screening may vary based on individual risk factors and previous findings. Please consult with your gastroenterologist for the age you should undergo your first screening colonoscopy.

Why is screening colonoscopy important?

Colorectal cancer often develops without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Screening colonoscopy helps identify and remove polyps before they become cancerous, reducing the overall incidence and mortality associated with colorectal cancer. Early detection also allows for more effective treatment and a higher likelihood of a complete cure.

Increasing awareness about the importance of screening colonoscopy is crucial for encouraging more individuals to undergo the procedure. Educational campaigns should emphasize the potential life-saving benefits of early detection and debunk common myths or misconceptions about the procedure.

Why should I have a screening colonoscopy in Greece instead of my own country?

Greece is an EU country and the quality of education of medical doctors is very high. Moreover, board-certified Gastroenterologist Dr. Chris Zavos has been trained in one of the finest Academic Hospitals in The Netherlands and is now performing colonoscopies in one of the biggest private hospitals in Thessaloniki, Greece, using the latest high-tech endoscopic equipment. All patients are given deep sedation with propofol and midazolam, which means that you will be sleeping and the colonoscopy will be totally painless for you.

Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of a screening colonoscopy but only of a diagnostic colonoscopy (i.e., when you have specific symptoms, not when you do it for prevention of colorectal cancer). This means that it is probably very expensive for you to do the colonoscopy in your own country, especially if you live in the United States of America.

Moreover, Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Greece’s unique characteristics, history, culture, natural beauty, thousands of islands, rare biodiversity, mild climate, Mediterranean gastronomy, its infrastructure and potential for attracting many new forms of tourism enable it to meet the requirements of medical tourism.

Why should I choose to have a colonoscopy in Thessaloniki, Greece?

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, located in the North of the country, and has an International airport. If you decide to visit Dr. Zavos in Thessaloniki, you can combine your summer vacations in nearby Chalkidiki sunny sea resorts and your colonoscopy for a reasonable price compared with your country, even though you will not have the coverage from your insurance company.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Chris Zavos performs upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies at Bioclinic private hospital in Thessaloniki Greece. Endoscopies are performed under deep sedation with propofol and midazolam completely painlessly. All endoscopes are sterilized based on international standards.

When it comes to your health, selecting the right gastroenterologist can make a world of difference. Dr. Chris Zavos, a gastroenterologist in Thessaloniki, is a dedicated and compassionate physician who goes above and beyond to ensure your well-being.

Expertise and Experience

Dr. Chris Zavos boasts an impressive record of expertise and experience in the field of gastroenterology. With years of dedicated practice and many procedures under his belt, he has become a trusted name in the Thessaloniki medical community. His commitment to continuous learning ensures that he remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dr. Zavos is committed to using state-of-the-art technology in his practice. When it comes to colonoscopies, the quality of the equipment used is paramount. Dr. Zavos collaborates with Bioclinic private hospital that invests in the most advanced tools, ensuring that your procedure is not only accurate but also minimally invasive and comfortable.

Compassionate Patient Care

One of the defining merits of Dr. Zavos is his compassion for his patients. He understands that undergoing a colonoscopy can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Dr. Zavos and his dedicated team prioritize patient comfort, addressing your concerns and questions with empathy and care. You can rest assured that you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity throughout the entire process.

Thorough Examinations

Dr. Zavos’s approach to colonoscopies is meticulous. He leaves no stone unturned in the quest to detect and remove polyps or other abnormalities. His thorough examinations are not only focused on preventing colorectal cancer but also ensuring your overall gastrointestinal health. With Dr. Zavos, you can trust that your colonoscopy will be comprehensive and effective.

Preventive Focus

Prevention is at the heart of Dr. Zavos’s practice. His proactive approach to medicine means that he is passionate about preventing colorectal cancer through the detection and removal of precancerous polyps. By choosing Dr. Zavos for your colonoscopy, you are making a conscious decision to prioritize your long-term health.

Personalized Care Plans

Dr. Zavos understands that each patient is unique, and he tailors care plans to individual needs. Whether you have a family history of colorectal cancer or specific risk factors, Dr. Zavos will work with you to develop a screening schedule and care plan that best suits your situation.

In conclusion, when it comes to your colonoscopy, the choice of physician is critical. Dr. Chris Zavos in Thessaloniki offers a combination of expertise, compassion, and cutting-edge technology. By selecting Dr. Zavos, you can undergo your colonoscopy with confidence, knowing that you are in the hands of an expert who cares deeply about your health.

How much does a colonoscopy cost?

You may call or email Dr. Zavos to learn the cost of a gastroscopy and colonoscopy in Thessaloniki Greece. Contact Dr. Zavos at: or +30-6976596988.

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